Crab Cake

Crab Cake Crust

  • Italian Bread Crumbs x 2 cups 
  • Unsalted Soft Room Temperature Butter x 1 cup 
  • Creole spice x 1 oz 

Crab Cake Ingredients

  • Louisiana Jumbo Lump Crabmeat x 1 lb 
  • Duke's Mayonnaise x 3 oz 
  • Creole Spice x .5 oz 
  • Freshly Ground White Pepper x .25 oz 
  • Freshly Chopped Chives x .25 oz 
  • Kosher Salt x .25 oz 
  • Italian Bread Crumbs x 1.5 Tbsp 
  • Fresh Lemon Juice from one full lemon x .5

Crab Crust  

  1. Begin by placing the crab crust ingredients into a stand mixer fitted with a hook attachment. 
  2. Paddle the ingredients together for 4-5 minutes on medium speed until a dough like paste forms. 
  3. Once formed, quickly remove from bowl and place on top of a sheet of parchment paper or nonstick paper.   
  4. Using the paper, roll the butter/breadcrumb mixture to the circumference of desired crab cake. 
  5. Take note to move fast and quickly to prevent the butter/breadcrumb mixture from heating up. 
  6. Chill completely for at least 8 hours to ensure proper hardness before cutting. 
  7. Pre-cut desired amount of slices and keep cold. 

Crab Cake  

  1. Start by placing crab meat into a medium sized nonstick skillet and placing on a stovetop on medium low heat. 
  2. Carefully fold in mayonnaise, creole spice, freshly ground white pepper, kosher salt, chopped chives and lemon juice. 
  3. Attention must be paid to your folding technique so as to not breakdown all of the large clumps of crabmeat. 
  4. Once desired seasoning is achieved, fold in Italian breadcrumbs until the mixture holds it's shape on its own.  *Careful not to add too much breadcrumbs to your crabmeat or else the final product may be too dry. 
  5. When the crab cake mixture reaches the desired temperature, pack the crab cake mixture into a metal ring mold of your choice .
  6. Lastly, slice a 1/8" thick slice of your cold crab crust and place on top of crab cake in metal ring mold. 
  7. Take the nonstick skillet with crab cake mixture in ring mold and a piece of sliced crab crust on top and place the whole skillet onto the top shelf of preheated oven set to broiler. 
  8. Pay close attention to your crab cake in oven.  The objective is to just slightly brown the top of crab crust. 
  9. Once crab crust has reached desired browning.  Remove from oven and carefully slide a large flat metal spatula underneath crab cake to take a way from hot skillet. 
  10. Lastly place crab cake onto a serving vessel of your choice. 
  11. Once crab cake has reached the plate,  carefully remove ring mold around crab cake just by sliding straight up. 
  12. Serve immediately for best results. 
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